Immediate medical attention for tourists in Cracow

Do you need basic medical attention in cases not requiring hospitalization? Are you currently on travel and forgot your medications? Are you experiencing gastrointestinal problems, or suffering from other kind of pain ruining your holiday plans? Would you like to consult your health condition because you are feeling ill or uncomfortable? Are you experiencing any other distressing symptoms which don’t make you…

Receiving Treatment in Krakow

Receiving Treatment in Krakow

. Szanowni Państwo , informujemy że nasz Ośrodek Zdrowia Skotniki bierze udział w akcji promocyjnej miasta Kraków dotyczącej turystyki medycznej . Receiving Treatment in Krakow . Dear Sirs , we proudly inform that our Skotniki Health Centre are involved in promotion of medical turists services by City of Krakow.

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